Saturday, June 18, 2011

Films By and About Women list at Women & Hollywood blog

Check out this awesome list at Women & Hollywood.

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A comment re: minority filmmaking that I was unable leave at Ted Hope's blog

Perhaps I've commented too many times at this post at Ted Hope's blog (re: lack of diversity at recent Lincoln Center indie film panel event) or it is some kind of an automatic filter thing - to be fixed soon perhaps, anyway, whatever the issue is, here is a recent comment that I was not able to leave at Hope's blog/the page would not accept it:


let's now provide you with some lists/links - films featuring minority directors or w/ significant creative contributions by minority artists, since you seem to be under the impression that minorities do not make movies & thus it is OK to leave us out of a Lincoln Center film panel discussion.

First, a list of 121 African-American movies:
- 14 films by Latino & Native American filmmakes from SXSW 2011:
- links to 4 recent African, African-American, African-British movies:
the works of Spike Lee & Robert Rodriguez (directed & or produced, theatrical, cable, etc) probably number close to or over 50
- so far that's about 190 films/filmed entertainment works.  the list making can continue for a very long time, the above took me about 20 minutes.  this is a small sample, i think, of minority productivity in film & television (including indie stuff - festival, direct to DVD, VOD, etc.) - & we didn't even count Tyler Perry's films yet :), & also a comprehensive list of Latino, Asian-American, & other minority films/filmmakers,  anyway, choose to believe whatever makes you comfortable re: diversity in film, but the fact in the real world is that a significant number of movies are made by minorities, & thus, it is not unreasonable to expect that some are included in a NYC panel discussion re: indie film.
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For more context, check out the comments at the article at Hope's blog Hope for Film.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 new female independent filmmakers

Got this list off of the comments section at this Women & Hollywood post.  List was compiled by anonymous:

1) Ava Duvernay
2) Victoria Mahoney
3) Audrey Ewell
4) Dee Rees
5) So Yong Kim
6) Nadia Hallgren
7) Paola Mendoza
8)Tanya Hamilton
9) Jennifer Suhr
10) Tina Mabry

List was a response to a challenge to name 5 female filmmakers that would have fit the criteria of New Faces of Indie Film.  Part of the conversation that erupted from the lack of diversity at a recent Film Society of Lincoln Center panel event - more at Women & Hollywood.

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Coming Soon

Daily links & stories about minority & female independent filmmakers.  Feel free to suggest links in the Comments section.  Thanks!

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Diversity In Independent Film - Facebook Group page

Check out the Facebook Group page for this project here, several links to several movies by minority filmmakers, by female filmmakers, & or feature a diverse cast or crew have been posted already.  A lot more links coming soon.

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Diversity Cinema Reads