Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 new female independent filmmakers

Got this list off of the comments section at this Women & Hollywood post.  List was compiled by anonymous:

1) Ava Duvernay
2) Victoria Mahoney
3) Audrey Ewell
4) Dee Rees
5) So Yong Kim
6) Nadia Hallgren
7) Paola Mendoza
8)Tanya Hamilton
9) Jennifer Suhr
10) Tina Mabry

List was a response to a challenge to name 5 female filmmakers that would have fit the criteria of New Faces of Indie Film.  Part of the conversation that erupted from the lack of diversity at a recent Film Society of Lincoln Center panel event - more at Women & Hollywood.

- S

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  1. Women directors, of course, aren't limited to directing critically-acclaimed indie dramas -- or even films geared toward female moviegoers. For decades, women have been directing in genres ranging from comedy and horror to animation and sports.


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