Saturday, June 18, 2011

A comment re: minority filmmaking that I was unable leave at Ted Hope's blog

Perhaps I've commented too many times at this post at Ted Hope's blog (re: lack of diversity at recent Lincoln Center indie film panel event) or it is some kind of an automatic filter thing - to be fixed soon perhaps, anyway, whatever the issue is, here is a recent comment that I was not able to leave at Hope's blog/the page would not accept it:


let's now provide you with some lists/links - films featuring minority directors or w/ significant creative contributions by minority artists, since you seem to be under the impression that minorities do not make movies & thus it is OK to leave us out of a Lincoln Center film panel discussion.

First, a list of 121 African-American movies:
- 14 films by Latino & Native American filmmakes from SXSW 2011:
- links to 4 recent African, African-American, African-British movies:
the works of Spike Lee & Robert Rodriguez (directed & or produced, theatrical, cable, etc) probably number close to or over 50
- so far that's about 190 films/filmed entertainment works.  the list making can continue for a very long time, the above took me about 20 minutes.  this is a small sample, i think, of minority productivity in film & television (including indie stuff - festival, direct to DVD, VOD, etc.) - & we didn't even count Tyler Perry's films yet :), & also a comprehensive list of Latino, Asian-American, & other minority films/filmmakers,  anyway, choose to believe whatever makes you comfortable re: diversity in film, but the fact in the real world is that a significant number of movies are made by minorities, & thus, it is not unreasonable to expect that some are included in a NYC panel discussion re: indie film.
- S"

For more context, check out the comments at the article at Hope's blog Hope for Film.

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